Profile of an artist Pamela Wickard
   In October 2002, I took my first painting class at Bellevue Art Museum. Something in me awoke, a true passion for creating art on canvas. I studied design and art history in college, and for 20 years worked as a graphic designer in the publication industry. At times, this provided me a wonderful creative outlet. However, I felt a true void and only within painting has that void been filled. 
   In the summer of 2003, I joined the Painted Ladies Art Studio in Issaquah. I work with wonderful, smart, funny and talented women who encouraged me to grow and develop as an artist, friend and woman. I consider myself, for the most part, self taught. I continue to study the masters and artists that work around me. This is how I learn and flourish as an artist through oils, acrylics and photography. 
   I began working in "acrylic collage" about 13 years ago. I'm inspired by the beautiful place were I live. I enjoy hiking, gardening and just being outdoors. I love texture, color and have always had a fascination with maps. My acrylic collage series, allows me to display the many different layers of the world. I hope the viewer will discover the individual beauty/layers of each piece. 
   You can see my work on my FaceBook page. I also teach private art lessons and I'm accepting commissions